About FISPA (Fashion Industry SCM Promotion Association)

Based on the proposal of the “New Textile Vision”, Fashion Industry SCM Promoting Association (abbreviated-name QR promotion conference) had established as an industrial organization for an information network promotion in September, `94.

Then, it re-started as a private organization in July, `99, and changed the abbreviated name into the Textile Fashion SCM Promotion Conference in June, `02.

Currently, 200 and more companies and organizations have joined, promoting the efficient supply chain of the textile fashion industry, borne the role for promoting the industrial standard required for a supply chain and a new business model collectively, and the activity of supply chain aimed for the optimization of the whole and the problem that relates to the introduction of SCM.

FY2005 Annual Report

May 2003, for the business issues occurred in various stages of fabric fashion industry, “Executive Joint Meeting” among TAs had established, and it was decided to solve those issues and has been carried out by “TA project” with people whose in charge.

September 2004, “The TA project dealing guideline” (follows as “dealing guideline”) was proposed to “Executive Joint Meeting”, and has been agreed to positively promote this new dealing model.

FY2005, based on this agreement, we have been promoting to apply this dealing guideline to each companies, and advertise it to other industries and place of productions. Also for new fields, which are not discussed yet, we have launched second TA project and studied them since then.

At ”6th Executive Joint Meeting” held in Oct. 18th, 2005, we reported the “second TA project result report” including “guideline on supplement of products, sub-materials, and knit products”, and result of “dealing between TA-department” and “dealing between TA-wholesale”. For “dealing guideline”, it was greed to operate it concretely with “dealing guideline on fabrics”. Now, the 3rd TA project has been started, and each branch is working on countermeasures for issues left.

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